Your go-to for all your excavation projects

If your job includes heavy excavation, look no further than Excell Paving Plus. We'll handle any excavation job, no matter how large. Whether it's for your parking lot, school, or church, we've got the experience and expertise to get the job done with little to no extra damage to the surrounding area.

We also handle sidewalks contruction, patching, seal coating, asphalt, and new concrete paving.

Professional service from start to finish

We'll handle the whole job from start to finish, from excavation to paving and coating. When you contact us for a job, you get our undivided attention and the best service for your money. Our aim to is serve our customers with extensive knowledge and expertise that we have gained in the industry. We are locally owned and strive to offer you the finest in customer service.

Contact us to request service for paving, patching, seal coating, and new concrete paving services. Give us a call at 517-278-3134 and receive a free estimate today!

Our commercial services include:
• Commercial parking lots
• Schools
• Churches
• City projects